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Experience matters

At Alliance IP, our clients are in the trusted hands of seasoned attorneys.

World class expertise.
Dedicated service.
Proven results.

Alliance IP is a full-service intellectual property law firm dedicated to solving the complex and diverse range of intellectual property issues faced by our clients.  

Our attorneys also strategically assist clients with an array of intellectual property services, including patent procurement, portfolio development and management, post-grant reviews, due diligence reviews, litigation, litigation support, licensing, trademarks and copyrights, to name a few.

  • Artificial intelligence / machine learning

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • Cloud and data center hardware and software

  • Computer security including cryptography

  • Internet-of-Things

  • Software

  • Cellular protocols (e.g., LTE, LTE-A, 5G/New Radio)

  • Wireless connectivity (e.g., WiFi, Passpoint)

  • Microprocessor architecture

  • Operating systems

  • Packet processing

  • Semiconductor packaging

  • Transistor process flow

  • Aerospace technologies (e.g., jet and rocket engines)

  • Robotics

  • Medical devices

  • Mechanical devices

  • Chemical compositions

  • Pharmaceutical compositions

Representative Technologies –
The Science of Alliance
We have experience providing legal advice to a wide range of clients, including...


  • Large multinational corporations

  • Small and mid-sized companies

  • Start-ups

  • Universities

  • Non-US intellectual property law firms

  • Non-profits

  • Individual inventors

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