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Our Services


At Alliance IP, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their business objectives and to provide intellectual property solutions tailored to their needs.  We secure all types of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, and assist in enforcing, defending, licensing and/or selling those rights.

Patent Procurement
patent procurEment

We are registered patent attorneys with extensive experience in preparing patent applications for both US and non-US patent prosecution.   We have collectively written and prosecuted over 2,000 patent applications in a wide variety of technical areas. Our attorneys routinely handle US, international (PCT), and non-US utility patent applications, as well as US design patent applications. We draw on both our deep prosecution experience and our proficiency in areas including patent litigation, patent sales and licensing, and patent analysis to secure the best patent protection for our clients.  

Our in-house legal experience, together with our commitment to forging alliances with the people we serve, allow us to tailor our patent filing and prosecution strategies to our clients’ specific business needs.  We strive to understand your technology at a deep and meaningful level so that we can obtain the best protection possible. 

Our attorneys’ academic and industry backgrounds provide Alliance IP with the foundation to handle practically any invention in the electrical, computer science, mechanical and chemical arts. Our recent patent prosecution activities have focused on some of the most relevant technologies of the day, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous vehicles, wireless communication protocols including next generation WiFi and 5G, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and cloud and data center technologies. Our firm is well-versed in many other technical areas.

Portfolio Management
portfolio management

Alliance attorneys have over 20 years of in-house experience managing patent portfolios for the world’s most innovative technology companies. We have collectively managed over 40,000 patent assets in highly strategic areas in fast-paced work environments. We are skilled at understanding our clients’ products and markets to identify the intellectual property most important to them.  Our attorneys routinely train and engage clients’ business units to harvest key intellectual property assets.  We develop filing and prosecution strategies and manage non-US patent counsel to ensure a well-orchestrated patent portfolio development effort with a global reach.

Importantly, our attorneys know how to increase patent portfolio value. We identify and develop key patent assets and minimize resources spent on less important ones. We also understand the importance of an engaged inventor community. Alliance attorneys have led internal efforts to excite and educate inventors about the patent process and have helped teams institutionalize innovation into their workflow.

Post Grant Proceedings
Post Grant Proceedings

We are skilled at helping our clients, whether they be petitioners or patent owners, achieve their strategic objectives through fast-track trial proceedings at the USPTO, such as inter partes review (IPR) and post-grant review (PGR). We can leverage post-grant proceedings as a tool where  appropriate to delineate issues in the context of patent litigation, especially with a view to shortening the duration and expense of such litigation.

We draw on the collective experience of our attorneys as both high-performing patent litigators and highly skilled patent prosecutors in order to achieve optimal post-grant results across a wide range of technologies on behalf of our clients.

Litigation Services

We are seasoned patent litigators with comprehensive experience in all aspects of patent litigation.  Every member of our patent litigation team is a partner-level attorney and alumnus of one of the world’s best known and busiest patent litigation firms.  Additionally, given Alliance IP’s renowned patent prosecution and portfolio management practice, our team brings a level of expertise to the inner-workings of the patent grant process that is rarely found in traditional patent litigation teams.  


Our services include offensive and defensive patent assertions, offensive and defensive patent litigation, patent appeals, administrative post-grant proceedings, and patent specialist support for lead or trial counsel.


Receiving a complaint or detecting infringement by a competitor is a disruptive event for any business. Traditional patent litigation practices leverage this disruption to charge fees well in excess of $1000 per attorney hour while adding the case to a list of multiple other co-pending cases competing for their lead attorneys’ attention and strategic energy.

Alliance IP takes a different approach. We measure success by the strength of the business outcomes for our clients, and limit the number of patent litigations we handle at any given time to give each case the undivided attention it deserves.  From a business perspective, we understand that cost management is a critical aspect of patent litigation strategy and leverage Alliance IP’s innovative organizational model and flexible fee arrangements to deliver industry-leading value in our patent litigation representation and support services. 

Due Diligence
due diligence

Our attorneys have many years of experience in providing IP due diligence services to our clients, such as in the context of “cease and desist” letters, “notice” letters, IP assertions, acquisitions or sales, licensing and technology transfer.

Our combined decades of experience as savvy litigators and seasoned prosecutors place us in an optimal position to use an interdisciplinary approach to providing IP due diligence services.

We analyze patent portfolios by evaluating enforceability, validity, enablement and written description, indefiniteness, anticipation and obviousness, together with assessing the breadth of the patents as defined by their respective file histories, as well as ensuring that our clients are aware of any regulatory obligations,  encumbrances or ownership issues with respect to the patents being analyzed.  We orchestrate reverse engineering using some of the top available reverse engineering firms, and prepare claim charts targeting infringing products or relevant standards depending on the scope of the analysis at hand.

We  provide informed, thorough and well-reasoned counsel to our clients to allow the formulation of a sound, robust strategy under circumstances where risk to our clients can be high.

Technology Licensing
Technology Licensing

Our attorneys have built extensive technology licensing experience as internal counsel to Fortune 500 companies and to a top licensing company, and as outside advisers to an array of large and small businesses. Our licensing services include portfolio analysis, licensee searches, claim chart development, analysis of incoming license requests and associated patents and products, licensing negotiation, and drafting license agreements. We also regularly negotiate and draft intellectual property development agreements.

We craft our licensing agreements to promote a lucrative and lasting business partnership between our clients and the licensor/licensee, taking into consideration such factors as deliverables, payment terms, due diligence, term, termination, indemnification, and limitations on liability, to name a few.  


Alliance IP attorneys help develop and protect our clients’ brands. We advise our clients on trademark strategy, assist them in trademark disputes, and handle all aspects of the trademark application and registration process. 


We understand that the fruits of the creative process can be the result of blood, sweat, and tears just as much it can be the result of a flash of genius. We help our clients retain full control over their creative works by helping them develop copyright protection strategies, registering their works, and negotiating licensing agreements.

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